“Epic Proportions” (Groundrunner & Stud Level X) $kywalk & Kool Akiem’s Latest Video off the “DUALITYLP Dropping March 2015 (Directed by Greg Grease) 

ON DECK$kywalker & DJ Kool Akiem Are.. Groundrunner & Stud Level X (first single off “DUALITY” LP)

Tony Bones 5th Studio Album “THE FIRE” drops first quarter 2015! (The 3rd Single “Incredible Hitmen” Features Double Helix’s; $kywalker)

Tall Paul & $kywalker’s “Taurus The Bull” Video dropped in May 2013. In May of 2014 Double Helix & Tall Paul dropped the Limited Edition “Taurus The Bull EP” The EP sold out but was re-issued and is available for *LIMITED TIME (ending march 2015) ONLY.. BUY NOW HERE*

First Video from $kywalker (Double Helix) & Kool Akiem (Micranots)

Debut video from $kywalk as an MC “KOOL AK FREESTYLE” Directed by ABHINAV for Cherry Sky Studios 

Get @ Double Helix

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